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Last update09/01/2018
ABT Innovia
ABT Innovia is an independent aquatic, aquaculture, biotechnology research facility that also forms part of the AquaBioTech Group. The main areas of contractual industrial research undertaken for our clients and expertise areas of the company are described as aquatic nutrition research, hatchery technology and production techniques, veterinarian research, biomedical/nutraceutical research and bioprospecting. Our facilities are split into separate areas for maximum biosecurity. Each of the wet rooms contains a set of holding tanks with self-contained recirculation systems providing high-level mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Systems operate with fresh or seawater with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 32°C. Multiple RAS units can be operated within one facility, isolating batches of tanks. Every room can be used for larviculture, veterinarian and pathology research, nutritional research, eco-toxicology research, ornamental, novel and carrier species.
AquaBioTech Group
Naggar Street, Targa Gap, Mosta, MST 1761, MALTA G.C
The AquaBioTech Group is a leading independent aquaculture, fisheries and environmental consulting, technology provider, engineering, development, testing / research and training company strategically located in the centre of the Mediterranean on the island of Malta, operating globally with clients and projects in over fifty-five countries.
Dr. Simeon Deguara - ABT Innovia Research Director
Sea based facilities and land based facilities.
Facility research topics
At ABT Innovia we welcome enquiries relating to R&D from a wide variety of interested parties including those involved with developing, among others: • Aquatic animal feeds, both formulated and live • Pro- or pre-biotic feed or water additives • Live feed enrichment products • New species to aquaculture • Aquatic Toxicity Trials • Aquatic animal vaccines • Hatchery technologies • Parasite treatments • System technologies • Antifouling Trials • Algae & Shellfish • Offshore Testing • Bioprospecting • Lavrae Culture • Feed additives • Eco-toxicology • Water Quality • Ornamentals AQUACULTURE R&D • Health & disease prevention • Aquatic nutrition research • Nutraceutical development • New species development • Production techniques • Hatchery technology • Feed Formulation • Algae production National, EU and Global Research Initiatives
Species held at facility
Species held at facilitypike-perch, Clams, cod, rainbow trout, Sea urchins, eel, tuna, carp, salmon, Brown algae, tilapia, Crabs, seriola, sturgeon, dentex, plaice, Lobsters, Crustaceans, Cyanobacteria, Barnacles, brown trout, cobia, haddock, sea bass, sea bream, Green Algae, Sea cucumbers, catfish, sole, bream, Scallops, Mussels
Physical description of the facility
Adjusted (Systems operate with fresh or seawater with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 32°C.)
Fish Feed Fish Health Ecotoxicology Technology Testing Antifouling Research Consultancy
Supporting facilities at site
Extensive in-house R&D facilities. Off-shore testing facilities
Special equipment at the facility
RAS Facilities, Off-shore testing facilities
Could be provided. Nearby area
Office spaces, meeting rooms, etc. could be provided